God created marriage, and it is beautiful. Becoming one is not easy, and this makes marriage one of the most challenging relationships. God has so much to teach us through marriage.

Our desire is to strengthen marriages. One way that we will be doing this is through a MarriageCare Conference. Using God’s Word as our foundation, we provide spouses practical knowledge, applications and exercises to help strengthen your marriage.

Whether you just want a refresher on what makes marriage wonderful and challenging – or if you are looking for answers to help you and your spouse, this conference is for you.


*** Pictures from the conference may be found via the link above ***


In conjunction with the MarriageCare Conference, we are providing the following messages on marriage.

It Didn’t Go As Planned (Genesis 2:15-25) – A message on God’s design for marriage.

Being Sick With Love (Song of Solomon 2:1-17) – A message on the beauty of a passionate marriage.

The Mystery of Marriage (Ephesians 5:22-33) – A message on marriage representing the relationship of Christ and the Church.

What God Has Joined Together (Matthew 19:1-9) – A message on Jesus’ view of marriage that describes the covenant between the couple and God that includes a radical shift in priorities.